Carrick Gazette letters

Xmas Lights

Fall Out Continues

I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the display of decorations this year. I don’t understand how Maybole and Ayr can look so lovely at Christmas time with their beautiful display of lights and Girvan looks like it’s just been through a war. WE are also part of South Ayrshire Council and WE have the right to have OUR town looking Christmassy too.

The decorations have been getting worse year by year and now half the lights don’t even work. It is an absolute embarrassment for everybody who lives in the town.

There are a lot of people and projects in this town who work very hard all year round organising events like the Christmas Street Party and the big Christmas Raffle and they have the embarrassing job of switching the Christmas lights on in front of everyone.

These people and projects are trying to make a difference in this town and I just feel there is a serious lack of support for them.

Something needs to be done urgently. Maybe having a Christmas decoration committee who raise funds all year round for our decorations would help as it is clear South Ayrshire Council can not be bothered to do anything.

Amanda Morland



Bad attitudes

On 10 December, Wind Prospect Developments Ltd held an “Update Event” in Colmonell Community Centre concerning the revised planning application for the Breaker Hill Wind Farm development. The only publicity concerning this event was a small notice, tucked away on page 19 of the Carrick Gazette the week before. When I asked one of the representatives present why there was so little publicity, her answer was “ People were consulted in 2009, so we kept it low key this time - they know details from then.”

This seems to be their attitude - don’t tell them, and they can’t object this time - and for good measure, sneak the application in near Xmas, when people are too busy to notice. When I raised this with the agent, she simply smiled and did not deny it. How can we possibly trust these people?

Heather O’Hare


boys brigade

2013 a year of celebration

2013 has been a year of celebration but also a year in which we have achieved a great deal.

This year marked the 130th anniversary of The Boys’ Brigade and while times have certainly changed since Sir William Alexander Smith founded the organisation, our aims and objectives remain the same – to provide opportunities for young people to learn, make friends, enjoy new experiences and learn about the Christian Faith.

It’s our ability to adapt and evolve that has kept us relevant to Scotland’s young people and has resulted in a resurgence in membership, with over 20,000 young people taking part in our 450 Companies each week.

Reflecting on this year, we have much to be proud of – over 400 Queen’s Badges awarded, 200 camps and residential activities provided, 170 Duke of Edinburgh awards presented and seven new groups started.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the help of thousands of dedicated volunteers who work timelessly behind the scenes to support our work.

Bill Stevenson

Director, Scotland

The Boys’ Brigade