There is more to life and nature than meets the eye

Life is amazing, the entire act of nature in forming living things which then procreate themselves to continue the species is truly wonderful no matter whether it is human, animal or plant life.

When you stop to consider the purpose of it all you must realize that everything has a pattern in nature but all does not always follow the prescribed path.

There are always the odd quirks in nature which makes you stop and ponder, as after all if everything and everyone was exactly the same life would be dull.

Where would we get the oddities to give us cause to wonder when listening to tales sitting round a warm fireside on a cold winter’s night.

For example back in April 1828 Major Forbes Mackenzie in Strathpeffer was crossing his farm field when he noticed it was covered in herring fry of some three to four inches long which were fresh, intact and some still alive.

The field was some three miles from the sea.

Likewise in March 1830 the inhabitants of Islay found a scattering of small herring on the ground after a day of heavy rain.

In June 1832, Castlehill lying some four miles from the sea had a shower of small herring over the area. Now in all these cases it was herring that was carried in the air and as we all know herring do not normally fly.

But herring do form shoals as do mackerel, but to my knowledge no mackerel have as yet been recorded found in similar circumstances.

Herring is a fish which was once very prolific but have been hard to find lately in local waters.

We appreciate that nature does lift water up into clouds which it then deposits as rain and of course this water could contain small shoals of fish depending on the forces at work.

Nature has predestined that fish live in the sea but by one of its own quirks has deposited this fish on dry land far removed from the sea thereby altering its own natural path.

Another oddity in nature relating to the sky and as yet unexplained is that in 1849 after a loud peel of thunder a thick block of ice some twenty feet in circumference fell on an estate in Skye. The ice was almost entirely transparent composed of small crystals of up to three inches long, but what was more surprising was that no other hail or snow accompanied this fall, there or anywhere else on Skye.

These oddities in nature have come out of the sky and I am sure there may be others to follow.

See you next week.