TV Preview- The myth of the Loch Ness monster

The Loch Ness monster will feature in a new documentary this week.

The Loch Ness monster will feature in a new documentary this week.

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The fourth edition of this Channel 5 Missing Evidence series, shown on Monday nights at eight o’clock, deals with one of Scotland’s greatest mysteries.

Does a strange unknown creature live in Loch Ness? And if so, what kind of creature is it and why is it there? While there have been reports of a strange creature lurking in Loch Ness for 1500 years the story only really became popular last century.

There have been a thousand eyewitnesses who have claimed to have seen this strange creature. There also have been some photographic evidence produced to back up some of these claims. Over the years the Loch Ness Monster has featured in a number of films and television programmes. There have been several people who have devoted time and energy to try and find answers. One of them, Adrian Shine, will be featured in this new documentary. Dr. Charles Paxton, an expert on marine creatures, has produced a database at St. Andrews University of all the known sightings. While some of them can be fairly easily dismissed, can this be said of all of them? Modern forensic technology is being put to good use to try and decipher the evidence. Historian Albert Jack is of the view that it was bathing circus elephants which started the whole thing off; while psychologist Chris French has an explanation as to why the number of reported sightings has varied down through the years. But would we really like it if this mystery was finally solved once and for all? Don’t we prefer unsolvable mysteries? Whatever your view is I wonder if watching this documentary will change your view on this matter one way or another. Ian K