What is the best way to keep ourselves warm?

At this time of year, we often ask ourselves what is the best way of keeping warm.

With heating being one of the most important items in our household budget, we have to make sure we get the best deal possible for ourselves.

Do we ensure that we are wearing the warmest clothes possible when we are in the house? Do we spend time looking at price comparison sites to make sure that we are with the energy provider that best meets our needs? Do we ensure that we don’t waste heat by turning off heating appliances when they are not needed?

A very important Christian quality has always been the practice of good stewardship. This means using our resources wisely.

Recently I was a guest in a house and I was surprised to discover that there was a real fire burning in the grate. My first thought was that it must take a lot of work and dedication to maintain a real coal fire. I remember when it was decided that my family would have gas fires to replace our coal ones. One of the reasons for doing that, was to save time. People often spend quite a lot of time, trying to save time. This is understandable, because our God-given time is precious.

But I sometimes wonder if people always put that extra time to good use. I also think it is interesting how some modern fires resemble old coal fires. Why would someone choose a substitute when they could have the real thing? But then don’t people sometimes look for artificial happiness when they could have real happiness? I personally feel that true happiness can only really be found when you have a good relationship with God and with other people