Ailsa Horizons publish first set of social accounts

Ailsa Horizons have published a set of social accounts which detail the major projects they worked on during 2013-14.

Social accounts allow an organisation to account fully for their social, environmental and economic impact as well reporting on their performance and providing the information that will help improve their organisation in the future.

2013-14 was the first year Ailsa Horizons published social accounts for and they focused on economic development and their own vision and mission for the area.

They are believed to be one of the few organisations in South Ayrshire to have published social accounts and a survey indicates that over 80% of respondents believe Ailsa Horizons play an important role in the communities they serve.

Over the course of the year Horizons assisted over 50 community groups and organisations to receive funding totalling £1.6m, including £780,000 worth of wind farm benefit money as well as £850,000 of other funding which included almost £400,000 worth of funding from outside Ayrshire.

Ailsa Horizons are also currently involved in developing proposals to convert the old Davidson Hospital in Girvan into an enterprise centre.

If this is successful, Ailsa Horizons role in the community will be transformed once its open and it will enable them to play a key role in achieving targets set out by South Ayrshire Council for their AMBITION programme.

Ailsa Horizons have also implemented a Carrick Rural Opportunities Project which is funded by Carrick Futures, Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund and the council which has allowed Ailsa Horizons to engage directly with the unemployed and under-employed.

The last year has also saw Horizons make major progress in raising the profile of Carrick, Ayrshire and improving the product through the Carrick Tourism Development Project.

Other initiatives that Horizons have been involved in include working with the council to assist over 50 businesses in Girvan with the shop front improvement scheme, working together with the Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund and a local business owner to establish the new Dine restaurant at Brunston Castle, they supported community shops in Kirkmichael and Barr as well as assisting the Kirkmichael Village renaissance group to ensure they ran a successful village music festival in June this year.

Furthermore they completed the Maybole pathfinder project, facilitated training for community transport drivers in Carrick, supported the emerging North Carrick community benefit fund company and played a key role in tourism development throughout Carrick with the establishment of two trails in the area.