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South Ayrshire Cats Protection are seeking a home for Biba, a very friendly three-year-old female tabby.

Biba has already had the stress of a couple of homes so we are keen to find her a forever family with no other animals. She is used to kids but has been used to outdoor access, so if you are a family looking for a pet to bask in the sun in the garden while the kids are playing then Biba would be ideal. She is micro-chipped, neutered and fully vaccinated - just needs a loving home. If you can help please ring our office on 08453 714216.

We have had several cats recently, thought to be strays but original owners have come forward missing their cat. A microchip can save a lot of stress and inconvenience to all parties, and can reunite cat and owner much quicker as any cat brought to Cats Protection is immediately scanned. Chips are very small and can be implanted under the skin, similar to injection, for between £10 and £20. Even nine-week-old kittens are chipped without any pain, when they are leaving for new homes so PLEASE contact your vet to get your cat chipped.