Girvan dispute to be aired

A neighbourly dispute centred on the Dipple Cottages near Girvan is set to be aired by Channel 5 in May.

The hour long episode is set to be episode six in a new series shown by the channel entitled “The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door.”

Episode One is set to be aired on Tuesday 1 April at 8pm.

The Gazette has reported the story over the last few months which centres around landlord Colin Burns of 1 Dipple Cottage and his tenants Janet Pirrie and Fiona Hope.

Mr Burns claimed that the damage caused by the pair will cost him £20,000 to repair and that they owe him £3,750 in rent arrears. Mr Burns also says that his tenants were running a puppy farm at the cottage despite the pair claiming benefits.

However Janet Pirrie said in November last year that a vitrolic hate campaign was being ran against them and the dogs were used as an excuse.