Girvan police station to close to the public

Girvan police station.
Girvan police station.

Girvan police station public counter services are due to be axed as part of a Police Scotland review into opening hours and staffing levels.

The station is currently manned by front desk staff from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday but a police spokesperson confirmed that the Girvan office will no longer have any counter presence.

The spokesperson said: “The Girvan station will still be used as an operational base but nobody will be there to speak to the public if they come and chap the door.

“What we would say is that there are still ways for people to get in touch such as calling 101 and also by making an appointment to see an officer.”

In their review, Police Scotland say that the Girvan Station does not currently experience enough demand to justify its current opening hours.

Over the course of an 11 day review period, the station had 50 visitors, but most of these were people signing on due to bail conditions and as such it will no longer have any public counter provision.

The Girvan station is one of four stations in Ayrshire which will see their counter services axed, whilst every station in Ayrshire with the exception of Galston has been downgraded to some degree.

This is part of a Scotland wide review by Police Scotland and full details of which can be read here: