Illegal parkers will be pulled up under new council powers

PARK right or pay up is the message to drivers across South Ayrshire this month as parking enforcement is handed over to South Ayrshire Council.

September marks the start of council responsibility for parking enforcement, having taken over from Strathclyde Police. And they say they will be noticeably cracking down on traffic offences in the county.

A newly-created eight-strong team of parking attendants will be patrolling South Ayrshire’s streets and issuing penalty charge notices to any driver parked illegally,

A South Ayrshire Council spokesperson said the dedicated team would have a positive impact on tackling parking issues.

“The introduction of our dedicated parking team means that while the rules and regulations regarding where you can and can’t park stay the same, they will be more regularly enforced with attendants out on the street every day – including evenings, where required,” she said.

“The main objective of the change is to encourage safe and sensible parking that increases road safety for all road users and helps tackle traffic congestion.”

Strathclyde Police will continue to enforce ‘endorsable’ traffic offences, such as dangerous parking or causing a serious obstruction. These are offences for which you can receive points on your driving licence as well as a fine.

To find out more about the Park Right scheme visit or call 0300 123 0900.