Llamas are an attraction in Sixpence land

The family of llama's that are on Sixpence Land currently.
The family of llama's that are on Sixpence Land currently.

A family of llamas that reside near Pinwherry are becoming a major attraction for the area despite one of them wandering off recently.

The Khomsi family who stay at Sixpence Land currently have three llams on their land and many people, particularly kids are enthralled by them.

However, on the day the Khomsi family first got to meet their new arrivals, disaster almost struck.

That’s because when the horsebox was opened all three llamas made a bolt for it and headed towards the railway line.

Network Rail and the police were contacted immediately as a train was due within the hour.

Two of the llamas, female “Lena” and baby “Wee Aggie” were caught but Larry had wandered off into the fields.

The community sprang into action upon hearing that news with Farmer Walker and his son, Mrs Ruth Murrey, Mrs Margarette Walker, Mr and Mrs Stirling and Andrea all helping the search and the Khomsi’s thank them all.

Larry was still wandering and the vet suggested using a tranquiliser but this was only considered as a last resort.

One final search concluded with a drive to the old school in Pinwherry and armed with food, water and a lasso, Larry was caught after a couple of throws and returned safely home.

The llamas have all now safely settled into Sixpence Land and are enjoying their new surroundings despite their never being a dull moment. And the Khomsi’s hope that one day the land can be opened up for all to see the family of llama’s.

The llama’s are the latest addition to the land at Sixpence and is a safe haven for all animals.

The Khomsi’s were initially given laying hens and a cockerel by one of their neighbours. And then they were given ducks, one of which was blind and a lame goat which they later discovered was pregnant.

Other animals including geese, a peacock, emus and kittens also reside at Sixpence land.

The Khomsi’s were a bit unsure of taking the llama’s on at first as they were unsure they’d fit in with the other animals.

But research showed they socialised well and are very friendly to be around. Many farmers also indicated that there is a special bond between lambs and llamas so the Khomsi’s decided to take the llama’s on and haven’t looked back since despite the early drama.