Rail timetables available

Whisky the cat with his rail timetable

Whisky the cat with his rail timetable

The new station specific pocket timetables produced by SAYLSA the Community Rail Partnership for Carrick & Wigtownshire are available in over 150 outlets across the region this week ranging from retail stores, chemists, libraries, visitor information offices, medical facilities and stations.

They are so popular even cats are becoming interested in a day out on one of Scotland’s most scenic routes as demonstrated by Whisky the five year old British Shorthair tabby!

Part of the Community Rail project, co-funded by Carrick Futures and Dumfries & Galloway Council, these handy sized timetables have in the past helped SAYLSA push passenger numbers up on the Stranraer line and are very well received by locals and stores alike. They provide a simple product that supports ScotRail’s standard timetable. There are no changes to services on the Stranraer line this winter.




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