South Ayrshire council to charge for using the toilet

The Flushes toilets in Girvan's Bridge Street.
The Flushes toilets in Girvan's Bridge Street.

The people of South Ayrshire will be paying to use public toilet facilities after the council agreed to the proposals at a meeting on Wednesday 28 May.

The plans will see staffed toilets charge 30p with non staffed facilities asking you to pay 20p although charges will not come into force at facilities in Ballantrae, Maidens and Dunure where there is low usage.

To compliment the introduction of charges, the council will also be undertaking a major refurbishment and new build works during 2015-16 costing in the region of £1.1m.

In Girvan, the current comfort scheme within the Harbour Bar is set to be removed and new toilets are set to be built in the Harbour Area at a cost of £90,000. The preferred location is to the south side of a new Harbour Master’s office which will be decided at a future panel meeting.

Paddlegates will also be installed at the facilities at the Flushes and Ainslie Park for charging.

In Maybole, the council are set to spend £66,000 on demolishing the existing building and replacing it with a new convience block which will house three direct WC’s containing an accesible baby change and facility and one WC for both males and females.

The existing comfort scheme at the Boars Head in Colmonell is to go whilst Ballantrae’s facilities will be refurbished with discussions to opened with the Community Council about potentially transferring the facility to the community.

The new Harbour facilities in Girvan are set to be open 24 hours whilst Ainslie Park will see their facilities opened from 8.30am-9pm April-September and from 10am-7pm during the rest of the year.

The Flushes is now set to be open 8.30am-9pm April-September and from 10am-7pm October- March.

The new facilities in Maybole are also set to be open 24 hours.

Weekly uplifts will be undertaken in the winter, with daily uplifts in April-June and September with twice daily uplifts in July and August with each uplift costing approximately £10.00.