Water project to protect local waters

SCOTTISH Water has started an important project which will help protect the natural environment in the Firth of Clyde at Turnberry in South Ayrshire – one of Scotland’s most iconic stretches of coastline.

The capital maintenance project will involve improvements to the Turnberry Sewage Pumping Station – a key part of the company’s waste water infrastructure in the area – which will enable the facility to cope better with incoming waste water flows and pass more on to Girvan Waste Water Treatment Works for treatment.

This will reduce the risk of the system at the pumping station backing up and spilling untreated waste water into the Firth of Clyde via an emergency overflow.

It will also reduce the risk of flooding from manholes in and around the pumping station. The £650,000 investment is expected to be completed by about August.

The work will involve the installation of two new pumps and the construction of a wet well, which will turn the facility into a more conventional, reliable pumping station.

Mr Gary Caig, Scottish Water’s west area waste water assets manager, said: “We are delighted to be starting this project which will improve the operability and efficiency of Turnberry Pumping Station.

“It is an important part of Scottish Water’s waste water infrastructure in this part of South Ayrshire and the improvements will help ensure it performs well and help protect the natural environment in the area.”

The work will be carried out on site and there will be no disruption to normal services as it progresses.

There might be some additional noise but the company says it will restrict this to normal working hours and do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to local residents. Those potentially affected have already received a separate communication from Scottish Water.

Mrs Jane McKenzie, Scottish Water’s regional community manager, added: “We are sure our customers in the area will appreciate that any short-term inconvenience will be far out-weighed by the long-term benefits this important investment in our system will deliver.”

The project is being carried out for Scottish Water Solutions, the project delivery arm of Scottish Water. Solutions is an innovative joint-venture partnership which includes some of the world’s largest engineering and construction companies.

During its first two years, Solutions has delivered around £150 million of capital investment on behalf of Scottish Water, improving treatment works, water mains, sewers and networks across Scotland.

Scottish Water recently completed a similar project at the nearby Kirkoswald Sewage Pumping Station.