Competitions underway at Girvan

The Girvan ladies competed for the Arran Rosebowl on Wednesday May 8, which provided a very healthy win for Kathleen Thomson on 33 Stableford points, with Liz Neill 30 and Elinor Heggie 29 points.

Congratulation to Kathleen, about time she climbed up onto the winner’s podium, particularly as, in order to do so, she had to beat the Girvan ladies champion Liz Neill into second place and the ever-present Elinor Heggie into third.

The Girvan Golf Club ladies section played away against the Maybole ladies on Wednesday May 1 and beat them convincingly. This was revenge for the beating Girvan suffered at the hands of the Maybole ladies in the previous match, but we must bear in mind that these are predominantly social affairs, which are followed by some very acceptable refreshments over which, no doubt, the problems of the world and, in particular, those of South Ayrshire Council are put to rights.

The Girvan Ladies’ next event is the George Robb Trophy tonight (Wednesday), which is a competition open to both the ladies and gents members of the Club. This will be followed by the Handicap Trophy tomorrow.

The Girvan gents competed in the first round of the Swee Trophy on Friday with the following all doing well: P Brown was first with a 73-16=57, G Rodger was second with 76-15=61 and David Nelson third 68-07=61. On Sunday May 12, the Bob Tait Trophy was played with the winner W McDines on 67-06=61, H Boyd second with 77-12=65 and J McCrindle third with 72-07=65.


Chi Chi Rodrigues was always available for a quote and, reflecting on the American Tour, he said: “After all these years, its still embarrassing to play on the American Tour. Like the time I asked my 
caddie for a sand wedge and he came back ten minutes later with ham on rye.” Well, the American bunkers do
not have the steep revetted faces that have come into being in the last few years over here, and, no doubt in an American bunker, an eight or nine iron may have been sufficient to do the job which could have confused his caddy.


A demonstration of chipping in the Scottish Club Golfer newspaper mentioned that a requirement for good chips was soft elbows, which I assume means not keeping the left or right elbow as firm as you do for all other shots. Chipping is a very important part of my game, as I no longer drive the ball vast distances, so I must practice softening my left elbow and let the club follow through to the left as prescribed. This will allow the ball to come to rest quicker and lets the arms fold up through impact. That is what David Muir, of Milngavie Golf Club, suggests, but I will try it out of the driving range before taking it on to the course. Try it yourselves and see how you get on, but if it does not work shhhh! Don’t blame me.

No mention of Ayr United this week and not for some weeks as their season is over and the manager is attempting to strengthen the team for next season. We still do not know what the new league format will be but it seems likely to be four divisions with play-offs in all four divisions at the end of each season. That suits me as it gives everyone more to fight for, keeps the interest going right to the end of the season and spreads the money about.

More and more football clubs are going for synthetic pitches. I wonder how long it will be before we see synthetic greens on a golf course. That would create a whole new ball game, would you be able to stop the ball on the green with spin. I do not think it would make much difference to putting but would certainly reduce costly maintenance. I do not think that many golfers in every aspect of the game would support it, but it is an interesting thought, so think about it as you enjoy a game in good company.

Turnberry Golf Club ladies section

May Medal

7th May, 2013

Silver Division:-

1st Mrs. A. Greenall (20) 78 bih

2nd Mrs. E. Munro (13) 78

3rd Mrs. K. Watson (9) 79

Bronze Division:-

1st Mrs. L. Brown (22) 76

2nd Miss M. Kelly (25) 82

3rd Mrs. E. Hannah (28) 84