Hoylake date for Girvan’s Gregor

With the good weather providing a lot of run on the fairways some unusual scores are coming in, but that is golf so just make the most of it.

The Girvan Golf Club gents July medal brought in as winner John MacLachlan (10)60 followed by Scott Shannon (18)61, James Baillie (9)62, J. Madden (8)63, Alan Copland (11)63 and Dan Lavery (18)63. All good scores which will most probably result in a reduction of handicaps.

The Girvan Ladies competed for the Jean Dunn 4 club trophy which was won by Sandra Deeney with a fantastic score of nett 59 proving that she is better with four clubs than the usual fourteen. Sandra was followed by Catharine McCrindle nett 70 and Lynda Gordon on nett 71.

I have been brought to task over not mentioning two very good performances by Girvan ladies. Sandra Low won fist prize in the silver section whilst Jan McCrorie won the Bronze section. My apologies for overlooking these very creditworthy performances.

Over at Turnberry Golf Club the final round of the Colin Clark was played last Saturday resulting in a tie between Stewart Allan nett 72+77=149 and Ian Rorison 74+75=149 which means that under Turnberry rules there will have to be an 18 hole play-off. Stewart and Ian were followed by John Broadfoot, Ian Ivory and Chris Savage coming in with nett 151 apiece. So it was a very tight competition all round.

Roddy Gardner won the play-off against Allan McKinlay for the Scade Trophy. This trophy in memory of the very dapper Dr. Scade who was a very keen golfer and will be remembered in the town by many to whom he extended professional courtesies..


A very interesting quote from the book ’Golf & How’ by H. MacNeile Dixon back in 1944 ‘One of the most interesting phenomena seen on a modern links is the Coue` or self-hypnotic species: such gentlemen will stand for seemingly hours with their eyes glued on the ball, motionless, as does a cat watching the antics of its victim, then suddenly, as a spring released from tension, they burst into life and flog the ball in every possible direction except perhaps the right one.’ I have seen this often on the green where an opponent will stand motionless as described above, as he is too scared to putt in case he misses.


We must congratulate Stuart White a past Girvan Golf Club Champion who a week last Sunday won the Loudoun Gowf Club open for the Castle Trophy with a gross 67. An interesting golf course with a very proud history being so close to Loudoun Castle.

Gregor Mackintosh, Vice Captain of Girvan Golf Club and a member of Turnberry green staff has been seconded to Hoylake green staff for the duration of the Open. Gregor has recently returned from a six month stint with the Royal Melbourne green staff in Australia so he is becoming a very experienced green keeper and will no doubt be a great asset to the Hoylake green staff. Well done Gregor I hope you enjoy your stint down south and that you get a chance to watch some golf.

I hear that all the shelters on the Turnberry Ailsa Course have been taken down. Now we appreciate that every time Donald Trump has appeared at Turnberry he has brought good weather with him.. But before we start checking his diary before going out to play perhaps on one of his visits he may be treated to rain which may make him appreciate the need for shelters on the course.. I can remember sitting in one of these shelters for the best part of an hour with thunder, lightning and torrential rain keeping me and my playing partner who was my brother under cover. Just a comment but I will wait and see whether Mr. Trump’s philosophy will keep the course dry.

They say that the easiest shot in golf is the fourth putt. However a tale well known to many is that of Brian Barnes a very well known professional golfer who was a great character both on and off the course. He was on the 8th green in the 1968 French Open with a 3 foot putt for par. Something must have happened, which I dread should ever happen to me, as a few minutes later he sank the putt for an eleven. To make matters even worse he was then awarded a two stroke penalty for standing astride the line of his last putt. O woe upon woe, the mind shudders at the thought of it, but do not let it upset you, just go out and enjoy your golf.