Still close at the top

It’s still close at the top of the league with the Tavern teams still sitting top and the Victory bar closely behind, setting up a cracker next week with the Athletic b against the mighty vic.


William Grants Girvan and District darts league

Kings 1 Athletic B 9

Athletic A 7 Harbour Bar 3

Royal 2 Boarshead 8

Victory 7 Hammy 3

180s; J Simpson, R Beauchomp

16 darts; j auld, 2 x 17 s robertson, 17 s mc creadie,17 m mc cluskey,2 x 18 r beauchomp, 18 k reid,18 l wilson,18 p mc cluskey,19 l morrison,19 a mc dowall, 20 j simpson and s robertson, 21 p mc cluskey and j cowan , 21 l wright and j auld

William Grants league

pl pts

Athletic a 10 19

Athletic b 11 19

Victory bar 11 17

Hammy 11 12

Vaults 10 9

harbour bar 11 7

boarshead 11 7

Royal 9 3

Kings 11 0

Next weeks fixtures

Athletic B v Victory bar

Kings v Athletic A

Boarshead v Vaults




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