Cats’ Corner



South Ayrshire Cats Protection are seeking a home for two friendly felines who have come into care as a result of household circumstances.

Minnie is a two-year-old tabbly male, neutered and he has a strong bond with his pal Lucy, a four-year-old tabby female, also neutered. They are both love attention, getting brushed and petted. They have been outside but didn’t seem too fond of it, so would be happy as house cats. Minnie and Lucy would do well in a household with children or dogs, but possibly not with other cats - although may be developed at a future date with careful introductions and planning. Both cats are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and free from worms/fleas. If you can provide a lifetime of love and care then please ring our office on 08453 714216.

Have you made a new year’s resolution to be good to your cat and get them neutered? Vouchers towards the cost are available from our office - don’t delay, ring today to improve your cat’s health with the quick and cheap operation.




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