Cats’ Corner



South Ayrshire Cats Protection are looking for a home for this tabby twosome - otherwise known as Sam and Suzie.

Sam is a clean boy who keeps his white patches shining, and at five-years-old, is still full of fun. Suzie is also just over five, and she is a neutered female. They are fond of each other but not so much other cats or pets, and would prefer a home without any children. As with all our cats they are fully vaccinated, microchipped, given full health checks and come with four weeks free insurance. If you can give a home to this pair, our office would love to hear from you on 08453 714216.

As with other charities, many animals are already getting handed over to us or even just abandoned (there is a large waiting list of cats to come into our care) - please make sure your cats are neutered and help reduce the number of unwanted cats. We can provide vouchers towards the cost, making it a cheap, quick procedure with many health benefits to your pet.




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