Co-op to close doors after 80 years

The Co-Op in Girvan's Dalrymple Street.
The Co-Op in Girvan's Dalrymple Street.

After 80 years the Co-op store in Girvan is to close, re-opening as a branch of McColls.

In January 1984 the Hardware/Drapers/Boot & Shoe departments closed at the Co-op in 67 Dalrymple Street along with the Unitas Hall above them, and now this Saturday will see the end of an era in Girvan when at 7pm the doors will close for the last time for the Co-op at 106 Dalrymple street. Some 80 years of business in these premises will end. A good many people in Girvan will remember the Co-op through the ages, from working in the various shops - there used to be three shops, the Butchers (next to Newsagents) then the Bakers and of course the Grocers.

Shirley McBride said: “The Butcher department was the first one in the town to have a chilled window, which meant you didn’t have to empty the display too often. Also there used to be tracks in the ceiling to use as a pulley system when meat was delivered for ease of movement through the department. Meat was also delivered to the Nursery School to provide for School meals.

“The Bakers had a very varied selection of cakes, breads and fancies too. Many changes have taken place in this building over the decades and it was Girvan’s first true supermarket when all three departments merged. From paying at a rotunda for your messages, to seeing them sliding down the conveyor belts, to finally kiosk style checkouts and now working with mostly baskets, instead of trolley loads of goods.

“Many, many locals have had a spell of working for the Co-op in the town and I am quite sure have plenty of stories and fond memories of their time here and now the only arm of this business to remain will be the Funeral Care.”

However on Tuesday 31st October the premises reopen under the McColls name. The present day staff look forward to welcoming you through the door, on a new beginnings for the building and for them too.