Energy funding for rural areas

Paul Wheelhouse.
Paul Wheelhouse.

The Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) today announced a new £500k fund designed to help farmers, land managers and SME’s in rural communities develop proposals for sustainable energy schemes.

The new fund aims to support proposals focusing on low carbon, renewables and whole system projects including, but not limited to, aspects of heat, electricity, transport, and energy management and ownership.

Further details on the fund, including how to apply are available at:

Chris Morris, manager, Local Energy Scotland, said: “This fund is an opportunity for businesses and social enterprises in rural areas of Scotland to develop proposals that will make a difference in the community that they live in. Local Energy Scotland is available to support all potential applicants.”

Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, said: “We are developing a radical approach to energy whereby the focus is on giving local communities ownership, and greater control, of energy production. By doing so we are providing these communities with sustainable revenue streams and greater energy self-sufficiency.

“The Rural Energy Challenge Fund is a great opportunity for farmers, land managers and small business owners to address some of the energy challenges they face. I’m sure we’ll see a positive response from them, with the development of some new and innovative solutions – with the support of the Scottish Government.

“If utilised properly, this fund could help create solutions that have a tangible, long-lasting positive impact on Scotland’s rural communities.”