First Milk increases November prices

First Milk have announces a 5ppl B milk price increase for November for all membership pools and a minimum 1ppl rise on A prices.

The increase consists of a 5ppl B price increase taking it to 25ppl for all pools from 1st November and Minimum 1ppl A price increase for all non-aligned pools also from 1st November

Chairman Clive Sharpe said: “As occurred with our 5ppl B price increase for August, this latest uplift to 25ppl gives members a clear indication that we expect our A prices to follow.

“Our next announcement will be later this month when we finalise November A prices. First Milk is well positioned to capitalise on the current strength of the market and we are confident we will continue to improve members’ cash-flow.”

Graeme Kilpatrick, NFU Scotland’s Milk Committee Chairman commented: “This five pence per litre increase to the B price being paid by First Milk is a strong indication that market returns for dairy products are improving. However, most farmers are selling the clear majority of their milk at an A price, which First Milk is increasing by a minimum of one pence per litre from November.

“Major milk processors based in Scotland are still failing to deliver a sustainable price back to farmers for their milk.

“AHDB Dairy figures released on 14 October show that milk production in Great Britain is now 8.2 per cent lower than at the same time last year and market commentators are warning of a cheese and butter shortage at the beginning of 2017. Milk buyers are failing to deliver a clear incentive to farmers to produce milk while being able to pay their winter bills. This current situation is bad for farmers, and it is bad for the shoppers who want to be able to continue to buy Scottish dairy products.”