Hadyard Hill public meetings

Turbines at the Hadyard Hill Wind Farm.
Turbines at the Hadyard Hill Wind Farm.

SSE submitted an application to Scottish Ministers for consent for a windfarm adjacent to the existing Hadyard Hill Wind Farm, approximately 6km east of Girvan.

The application included proposals to construct 31 turbines each with a generating capacity of up to 3.4MW, and a maximum height of 126.5m. Following extensive consultation, SSE can confirm that an addendum to the original application which will include the removal of nine turbines will be submitted in February 2017.

Public Exhibitions are now booked for Wednesday 25 January at Barr Community Centre 3pm–7.30pm; Thursday 26 January Crosshill Community Centre 10am–1.30pm; Thursday 26 January Dailly Scout Hall 3.30pm–7.30pm.

If consented, the construction phase is expected to take around 18 months.