Village shows off the best of Ballantrae

The Best of Ballantrae exhibition
The Best of Ballantrae exhibition

Ballantrae Parish Church was the host at the weekend for an amazing event celebrating Ballantrae’s rich history.

Over 150 people took the opportunity to experience “The Best of Ballantrae” over the years.

Historical items and local memorabilia included press cuttings and photographs, paintings, samples of Ballantrae lace, a collection of Scout campfire blankets and badges collected by the Ballantrae Scouts over the years, a local cobbler’s tools, “Ballantrae’s Smuggling History”, and patchwork quilts were some of items on display.

Local historians and local groups displayed their collections and villagers brought along their own memorabilia from cupboards and attics and willingly shared it with others. Members of the local Stinchar Valley Photo Group scanned documents and photographs people brought along so they could be added to the Ballantrae Archive.

Local ladies demonstrated their modern day talents by decorating the church with floral arrangements and there was an opportunity to tour Ballantrae Manse where refreshments were available along with home baking.

Colin McNally, one of the organisers of the event said: “We were delighted with the interest the event generated. Our local historians shared their collections, villagers brought along some of their prized possessions, and local businesses such as Glenapp Castle were happy to lend us items for the day.

“What was remarkable were the number of conversations generated during the afternoon as people gathered together in small groups to look at pictures and newspaper cuttings to share memories and information. Many of us have old photographs which show village life and village characters from the past. It’s really important to ensure these memories are preserved for future generations. A great afternoon. We must do this again!”