Prize night at Girvan Academy

Fifth and sixth year prizewinners
Fifth and sixth year prizewinners

Girvan Academy held its prizegiving ceremony on Thursday, September 7 at the school theatre.

Principal guest speaker for the evening was Marianne Maxwell with music provided by Katie Forbes on Clarsach, Sarah Cosslett on Piano and Tania McTaggart on Bagpipes.

First and Second year prizewinners

First and Second year prizewinners

Girvan Academy Dux for this year is Monica Espinosa who was presented with the Joseph Howitt Quaich, the S5 prizes for Mathematics and Physics, the Bruce Prize for Geography and the Wm. Grant prize for Biology.

Monica, who is an international chess player, could not attend the prizegiving ceremony as she was taking part in an important competition.

Girvan Academy Parent Council First Year Prize went to Markos Papakanellou, Second Year Prize winner was Ethan Wild, Third Year Prize winner was Daniel Conlan and Fourth Year Prize winner was Rachel Stirling who was also presented with the FMC Biopolymer (UK) Ltd Prize for Chemistry in S4 and the S4 prizes for Physics, Biology, Mathematics and English.

Prize winners

The third and fourth year prizewinners.

The third and fourth year prizewinners.

Certificates in S1; Caitlin Calver, Daryl Conway, Jenna MacKinnon, Abbie Milroy, Emma Mooney,

Prize winners in S1; Neve Britain, Darcy McCulloch, Mark McMillan, Markos Papakanellou, Abbi Philips

Certificates in S2; Zoe Allan, Emma Julyan, Emma Laurenson, Ewan Mackenzie, Annie McGarvie

Prize winners in S2; Katie Forbes, Jorgi Kelly, Megan Moore, Eilidh Murray, Ethan Wild

Certificates in S3; Josiah Agbi, Zak Jenkins, John Kerr, Ellie Stevenette, Skye Trotter

Prize winners in S3; Daniel Conlan, Harry Flower, Rhiann Grieve, Brook Mills, Rachael Roxburgh

Certificates in S4; Toni Black, Teegan Hicks, Kai Hilliard, Tabitha Kelly, Charlie Russell,

Prize winners in S4; Lucy Cosslett, Alexander McCrindle, Elinor Neilan, Dylan Powell, Rachel Stirling,

Certificates in S5; Ellie Crawford, Lauren McEwan, David Oliphant, Beth Radic, Hannah Thomson, Hannah Traynor

Prize winners in S5; Courtney Clark, Sarah Cosslett, Monica Espinosa, Rosie Kerr, Antonio Sisi, Robert Walker

Town Twinning Association Prize for French; S1 – Emma Mooney S2 – Eilidh Murray S3 – Ellie Stevenette S4 – Rachel Stirling

North Parish Church - RMPS Prize in S3; Skye Trotter

South Parish Church – RMPS Prize in S4; Mackenzie Kerr

Certificate for Achievement in Dance S1 – Kaidyn Mitchell S2 – Lara Owens S3 – Lauren Bradshaw S4 – Rachel Stirling S5 – Katie Laird

FMC Biopolymer (UK) Ltd Prize for Chemistry in S4; Rachel Stirling

Prize for Physics in S4; Rachel Stirling

Prize for Biology in S4; Rachel Stirling

Prize for Mathematics in S4; Rachel Stirling

Prize for English in S4; Rachel Stirling

McLaughlin & Harvey Construction Prize for Scientific Studies in S4; Skye Fenton

Alexander Noble Prize for Technical Subjects in S4; Jay Reid

Prize for Computing Science in S4; Tabitha Kelly

Prize for Modern Studies in S4; Colin Kemp

Stephen Scholes Prize for History in S4; Kendall Robson

Stephen Scholes Prize for Geography in S4; Teegan Hicks

Galbraith Pritchard Prize for NAT5 Business Management ; Hannah Traynor

The McKinstry Company Prize for NAT 5 Administration; Shannon Armstrong

Guardian Prize for Graphic Communication; Antonio Sisi

Malin Court Prize for Home Economics; Robert Walker

Carrick Cakes Practical Food Skills in Hospitality; Ailsa Buchanan

The Audrey Barbour Award for Excellence in Music; Sarah Cosslett

The William Grant & Sons Prize for Biology; Monica Espinosa

The Bruce Prize for Geography; Monica Espinosa

FMC Biolpolymer (UK) Ltd Prize for Chemistry in S5; Robert Walker

Prize for Physics S5; Monica Espinosa

Prize for Mathematics S5; Monica Espinosa

The Howitt Prize for English ; Victoria Briggs

The Joseph Howitt Prize for French ; Payton McMaster

The Jean & Stan Milner Memorial Prize for RMPS; Beth Radic

McLaughlin & Harvey Construction Prize for Product Manufacture; Patrick Shaw

The Galbraith Pritchard Prize for Computing Science; Robert Walker

Girvan Academy Prize for Modern Studies; Jenna Browne

The P&C Hamilton Prize for Physical Education; David Oliphant

The John D Smith Memorial Trophy for Excellence in History; Sarah Cosslett

The RS Richard Prize for Art & Design ; Sommer Manson

The Prize for Performing Arts; Katie Forbes/Eilidh Murray

Girvan Academy Dance Prize; Emily Clark

Golf Cup (Handicap); Alexander McCrindle

Golf Cup (Scratch); Kieren Beauchamp

Badminton ; Junior Girls – Jenny McCreath; Senior Boys – Kyle Brown

Athletics; S1 Boys Athletic Champion – Jacob McFarlane; S1 Girls Athletic Champion – Honor Stewart-Fairbairn; S2 Boys Athletic Champion – Nathan Livingstone; S2 Girls Athletic Champion – Abigail Eadie/Kelly Hamilton; S3 Boys Athletic Champion – Daniel Conlan; S3 Girls Athletic Champion – Bianca Brown/Rachael Roxburgh; Senior Boys Athletic Champion – David Oliphant; Senior Girls Athletic Champion – Toni Black

Pupil Staff Bowls- Cooper McClymont

Ayrshire College Award for Contribution to the Local Community; Aaron Sloan

Linton Award for Special Achievement ; Tenisha Aubad

Pupil Council Prize for Staff; Mrs Kathleen McMeikan, Home Economics

Literature Award; Ethan Wild

Literature Award Runner Up; Katie Forbes

The Nestle Prizes for Services to Girvan Academy; Captains: Codie Hodge & Lewis McWilliam; Vice Captains: Findlay Kerr & Natalie Purdie

Overall School Interhouse Competition Winners; Ailsa

Girvan Academy Parent Council First Year Prize; Markos Papakanellou

Girvan Academy Parent Council Second Year Prize; Ethan Wild

Girvan Academy Parent Council Third Year Prize; Daniel Conlan

Girvan Academy Parent Council Fourth Year Prize; Rachel Stirling

The Joseph Howitt Quaich and Girvan Academy Dux; Monica Espinosa