A&E waiting times need to improve

MSP Colin Smyth
MSP Colin Smyth

Since the beginning of the year 642 patients have had to wait for longer than 12 hours to be seen in Ayrshire and Arran hospitals’ accident and emergency departments.

Now South Scotland Labour MSP Colin Smyth is demanding answers from the Scottish Government.

The national standard for A&E waiting times is that a patient attending A&E should be seen, transferred or discharged within four hours.

Since the beginning of the year this target has been broken 5,952 times with 642 of those patients waiting longer than 12 hours and Mr Smyth said: “Across Ayrshire and Arran patients attending an A&E department are being left over 12 hours every week, with 642 patients this year already having had to wait that long.

“It is understandable that there may be some extenuating circumstance why an A&E department fails to meet the four hour A&E target but in Ayrshire and Arran it seems it is now a matter of routine.

“Patients’ care can not continue to be treated in this way which is why I have demanded answers from the Scottish Government.

“The standards set by this Government are not being met in the Cabinet Secretary for Health’s own backyard in NHS Ayrshire and Arran and that must change.”