Ayrshire Hospice patients get creative

Staff at Ayrshire Hospice.
Staff at Ayrshire Hospice.

The Ayrshire Hospice have recently unveiled a series of popular “What matters to me” magnetic whiteboards for use in their in-patient unit.

The boards are designed to give hospice patients and their families an opportunity to personalise their room by drawing, writing or attaching meaningful items and photos, illustrating what’s really important to them.

With one near each bed space, the boards not only aim to create a home-from-home feel that helps patients feel more comfortable, but are a great way for hospice employed and voluntary staff to get to know patients. Already they have stimulated many interesting conversations!

Fiona Irvine, Ayrshire Hospice Education Facilitator said: “Getting to know our patients and their families is at the heart of all we do, and that’s why we decided it was important to create some dedicated space where they can express themselves. As we see and listen to what matters the most to our patients, together we can develop an individualised care plan that puts our patients’ wishes first and which helps to make every day matter.”

One hospice patient has been using the board to write motivational quotes and set daily goals, which inspire her to make most of time at the hospice. She said: “Having this board is so important to me – I have been using it to express my emotions quite a lot and to set myself goals that take me out of the room, like seeing a film or going out to meet friends. I even sometimes use it to leave a note for staff to let them know what I am doing or where I am, which is very practical. Each board is very unique as every patient establishes their individuality through it and shows what’s really important to them”.

Patricia McPhillimy, a Staff Nurse at the hospice has noted the immediate positive impact the boards are having. She said: “We are delighted to see such a great response and how much everyone enjoys adding a little bit extra to the boards every day! They seem to appeal to both our patients and their families alike and have been used in so many fun, creative ways. They are a real hit and we look forward to seeing how they evolve!”

In keeping with the “What matters to me” theme, hospice staff have also designed a poster and leaflets suggesting a wide variety of activities, special events and celebrations that can be organised to help make most of every patient’s time at the hospice. This includes birthday celebrations, film nights, weddings, trips, pampering sessions and much more!