15 to One returns to the box on Saturday

Sandi Toksvig is the new host of 15 to One.
Sandi Toksvig is the new host of 15 to One.

On the fourth of January 1988 a new afternoon quiz show started on Channel 4. Called Fifteen to One.

It was hosted by William G Stewart who at that time was perhaps best known as the producer of another game show - The Price is Right. These quiz shows were completely different. While the Price is Right was a very loud programme with the audience playing a major part in the proceedings, eventually Fifteen to One ceased to have an audience at all.

Prizes were very much at the forefront of The Price is Right whereas in Fifteen to One only the overall winner at the end of the series won a prize.

In Deal or No Deal, another popular channel 4 game show, contestants are only asked the question in the title.

But over the course of Fifteen to One’s original run, thousands of different questions were asked of the huge number of contestants. A new series of twenty episodes begins airing on Channel Four on Saturday at a quarter past five.

The next episode will be on Monday at half past four. Asking the questions this time around will be Sandi Toksvig. One of the interesting aspects of the show is the choice that contestants are given as the game proceeds to either answer a question or nominate another contestant to answer it instead.

The hope being that their rival fails and loses one of their three ‘lives’.

The object of each game is to be the last person standing and to build up as many points as possible in the process.

This new series has the incentive of a huge cash prize of £40,000 for the eventual overall winner.

Will this new version of the show be as popular with viewers as the original version undoubtedly was?