A choice of music on television

There is a very interesting bit of television scheduling going on this Friday night at nine o’clock.

On ITV there is a programme called Boyzone@20 which celebrates the pop group Boyzone.

Unfortunately while the group has been hugely successful over the years – life has not always been easy for its members. There was the split at the height of their success. Then there was the tragic death of Steven Gately in 2009. This programme has archive footage of the group and individual interviews where Ronan, Mikey, Shane and Keith talk candidly about life both within and outside the group.

Boyzone will also be performing some of their best known songs. While at times they have separated to do other projects ie. Keith Duffy is now also a successful actor – they still enjoy performing together and a new CD is now available.

The other group celebrated at the same time on Channel 5, is Abba, whose members have not performed together for a long time, although there is a rumour that they might reform next year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their Eurovision Success.

Abba at 40 comprises three programmes with the first one – The Abba Years - a documentary which includes interviews and clips of Anni-Frid, Agnetha, Bjorn and Benny performing some of their most famous songs. The second documentary - Abba: Absolute Image - is the more interesting and looks at the presentation of their music, focussing on their stage clothes, album sleeves and videos.

The third is a recording of their live show at Wembley in 1979. Abba were one of the supergroups of the 1970s and 80s and their songs were frequently to be found at the top of the UK charts. But which group do you want to know more about? Ian K