A stylish night for flower club

Some of the ladies with Gillian from Shimmer
Some of the ladies with Gillian from Shimmer

The Coffee Evening & Fashion Show in the Community Centre on Wednesday 26th June was the closing event of the Season and was a most entertaining and stylish night.

After coffee was served, the stylish part of the evening began, with Gillian of “Shimmer” giving a very detailed commentary and description of outfits worn by each model, who in turn, gave everyone ample time to view them, and ponder over the ones going on their wish list.

At the conclusion of the show flowers were presented to Gillian and Margaret of “Shimmer” and models Sandra, Sylvia, Margaret, Marion before the audience joined in and wished Happy 3rd Birthday to “Shimmer”.

The Club are grateful to Gillian and the models for giving everyone a most enjoyable night.

Thanks must also go to everyone who came along and supported the event and for being so understanding when it was discovered there was a shortage of cups, (not an ideal situation on a coffee evening) but our volunteer helpers rallied to the cause and managed to borrow from South Parish Church, so thank you one and all. We look forward to meeting up with everyone again in September.