A time to discover the true meaning of Christianity- Thought for The Week

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This coming Sunday is a very special day in the Church’s calendar as it is Palm Sunday.

This marks the important event in Jesus’ life when he triumphantly entered Jerusalem. At that time the streets were crowded with people all delighted to see him. Many hoped that this event would lead onto a change of leadership which would produce a new kingdom headed by Jesus. Many of the people of the time saw Jesus as a political leader and they hoped that he would free them from the power of the Romans, who were their unwelcome rulers.

However, this incident in Jesus’ life, shows that fame and popularity can be rather short lived, as on the Friday - a few days later - Jesus was crucified on a cross. He ended up there partly because of the jealousy of some of the religious leaders of the time. And also because when another crowd was given the choice of freeing Jesus or Barabbas - both the Roman governor’s prisoners- the crowd failed to choose Jesus. The people who called for Jesus’ crucifixion had misunderstood Jesus and his mission. They had not worked out that Jesus had not come to be a political leader for a generation, but rather to be the religious leader – and Saviour – for all generations. Misunderstandings can crop up quite often in life. And when it comes to religion, there are some people who want religion to be what suits them, rather than for it to be what it truly stands for. Unfortunately today there are some people who misunderstand what Christianity is all about. However with Easter fast approaching, this could be a good time of the year to discover its true meaning and to find out how relevant its message is today.