Admiring the local seashore

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the flying skills that nature had given to the seagulls, and found that the more you look at nature the more you admire it.

Ainslie car park in Girvan attracts many visitors as you can purchase refreshments from the snack bar then sit and be fascinated watching the waves both out at sea and when they break on to the shore. Sometimes they lap onto the beach, other times they crash upon the shore in a frenzy of passion which makes you consider what it is all about.

Waves do not just die on the beach as some people think, no, they just draw in upon themselves, sucking their strength to go out for another go at landing on the shore.

The wind in many cases determines the force of the waves and also storms far out at sea can create the volume and strength of the waves. But stop and think what goes on in the various seas around our coastline. At every level there is life, you have the bottom feeders who clean up the ocean floors, even in the deepest seas there is life down there in the darkness.

There is life at all levels, in some cases far bigger forms of life that we have ashore. If some of the larger whales, sharks etc. were able to roam the land we would be in for a fright. However there seems to be a much better organisation in the seas than we have on land. Each species has a natural place in the order of things, knows where to feed, what to feed on and what to avoid, and naturally accepts David Attenborough as one of their own. It all seems that nature is much better organised than we are on land.

There are no potholes to bother them in the sea on their various routes around the world which they traverse looking for food and pleasure.

If it were not for man fishing to near extinction the more palatable fish then it could have become overcrowded, however you feel that nature would have a way of taking care of that as well.

There are many plants that live underwater and nature does its own weeding, extracting the dead plants and casting them upon the shore for us to make use of. So next time you walk along the shore or have a snack at Ainslie car park, stop and look out and admire natures artistry over the sea and the waves it produces .

Another change from the usual which I hope you found of interest. See you next week.