An affirmative for the new Doctor Who

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It seems like a long time ago that Matt Smith regenerated into Peter Capaldi in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Viewers only got to see a few moments of the newest incarnation of the Time Lord, before the programme dematerialised from our screens - until now.

This Saturday at 7.50pm on BBC1, we will get to see the first of 12 new episodes of the programme which was originally shown in 1963!

The first episode, Deep Breath, is of feature length and has been directed by Ben Wheatley.

In a departure from recent years this new incarnation of the Doctor has a lot more in common with the classic doctors that with his more recent predecessors.

Peter Capaldi, as a lifelong fan of the programme, wants to steer the show is a new direction. One aspect of this will be the slightly longer ‘scenes’ which should make the episodes breathe more easily.

The first story has the usual mix up of different eras in it, as it features a dinosaur while being set in Victorian times.

Viewers will enjoy meeting up with some old friends in it. The emphasis on the first episode is Clara (Jenna Coleman) trying to come to terms with the fact that her best friend has changed considerably and does not have the persona that he had before.

This theme was also explored in the Power of the Daleks (1966), the story which dealt with the doctor’s original regeneration. Talking of Daleks – they will be back soon, along with a number of new interesting characters.

The beginning of a new Doctor’s era has fans optimistic but also wondering if this new version of programme will continue to be popular and successful. Thankfully all the signs point to a resounding ‘Affirmative.’

Ian K