Answers to life’s big questions

‘A Question of Priorities’ is a title that could be given to the incident in Jesus’ life when he visited the home of two of his friends – sisters named Martha and Mary.

While Mary took the opportunity to spend time listening to their guest, Martha spent the time making sure that the domestic chores were taken care of.

Eventually, not being able to reign in her resentment any longer, Martha complained to Jesus about her sister not helping her out.

However much to her surprise Jesus did not instruct Mary to help Martha, as she had wanted Him to. Instead He told her that Mary was doing the right thing. Why is this incident included in Luke’s gospel? What point is it making? We know that Jesus’ time on the earth was limited. That meant his time was precious.

So when Jesus gave his time willingly to the two sisters, you might have thought that both of them would not have wasted a moment and spent it listening to and learning from Him. Sadly Martha – for her own reasons – let the opportunity pass her by. We all have to decide what our priorities in life should be, and how we are going to spend our time on planet Earth.

We have to work out what we want out of life and what the beliefs will be, that will help to shape the decisions we will take in our lives. We have to try and find answers which satisfy us in regards to some of life’s ‘big questions’, if we are going to get the most out of our lives. Through listening to Jesus, Mary was keen to find answers to these kind of questions – whereas Martha missed out, because she was too concerned about less important matters.