Appreciate the present

Supposing you were invited aboard the TARDIS one day, and had the opportunity of travelling anywhere on earth – either in the past or in the future - wherever you personally wanted to go.

Would you choose to go back in time to see some important historical event to see if the history books had reported it correctly?

Or would you prefer to travel back in time to meet a historical figure that you admired – someone like St. Francis of Assisi or Florence Nightingale perhaps?

Or would you rather take the opportunity of meeting some of your ancestors? Would you like to meet your great great grandfather perhaps, whom you heard led an exciting life?

Or perhaps you would prefer to journey forward in time.

To find out what your grandchildren and great grandchildren had made of their lives?

Or to find out whether in some future age, technology would have advanced to such an extent that human beings would need to spend far less time working than they do at present.

It is more than likely that wherever and whenever you visited, that while you would find things that you would really enjoy about living in that particular period of time - there would also be things going on, which you would be less than happy with.

Perhaps you would go away from your visit with the view that the past or the future while interesting places to visit, were not the kind of places that you could ever be comfortable living in.

And that what you really needed to do, was to truly appreciate the good things that God has given you in this present time.

But also to do what you could to make the not so good things just now a great deal better.