Attenborough at 90 on BBC

TV PREVIEW: david attenborough

This coming week the BBC will be celebrating the ninetieth birthday of naturalist David Attenborough with a number of special programmes.

On BBC1 on Sunday evening at seven o’clock, Sir. David will be talking to Kirsty Young about his career and some of the special moments that he was able to see captured on film revealing unique animal behaviour. In this programme he will be joined by a number of colleagues and friends including Chris Packham and Michael Palin. Then on Monday evening on BBC2 at nine o’clock there is another new programme called Life That Glows which deals with the creatures who have their own internal light. This programme is only possible now because of various innovations. To begin with colour cameras are 4,000 times more sensitive than they were ten years ago and can therefore reveal things about the natural world that they used not to be able to. Scientists are now able, through more highly advanced submersibles and robots, to explore parts of the ocean they were not able to before. Bioluminescence is in the oceans, on the land and in the soil. This programme allows viewers to see creatures and their behaviour that have never been seen before.

These programmes have been selected by Sir. David and have newly filmed introductions. The first one – A Blank on the Map comes from 1971. It is about a previously unknown tribe in New Guinea called the Biami. The programme also deals with exotic wildlife such as goura pigeons, an emerald green python and tree kangaroos. In The Lost Gods of Easter Island from 2000 David uncovers the history of a wooden figurine which comes from Easter Island.

Ian K