Bank draw to help charities

The Bank of Scotland in Girvan’s Dalrymple Street held a charity prize draw last month with the money raised going to help those affected with alzheimers.

Age Concern in Girvan’s Duff Street will also benefit from the bank’s hamper idea and Tricia Watts from the charity appealed to those in attendance if they wished to be part of a new singing group.

The singing group would meet at Age Concern and would provide an opportunity for people to socialise and have a enjoyable time singing their favourite songs so be sure to contact them for more information.

On 17 December, the draw was made first of all for the competition to guess the bear’s birthday competition which was February 7th, the same a legendary author Charles Dickens.

That draw was conducted by Eileen Iannarelli watched on by Mrs Gloria Miller of Tartan and Tweeds who kindly donated the bear.

The main draw for the hamper was then made by Jenni McKeand from Alzheimers Scotland watched over by Tricia Watts by Age Concern and Alison Donnan, one of the bank managers at the branch.