Become a time traveller in Carrick and appreciate our past

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to stand in any interesting area and travel back in time perhaps one or even two hundred years or more and see the every day events of that time?

You would of course have to be invisible otherwise you would draw attention to yourself and perhaps not fare too well. Transport was in its infancy, so people did not travel much out of their locality and therefore the troubles of the world were of little interest to them. No telephones, mobile phones or television. Entertainment was home produced or by travelling entertainers, and children appeared to be able to play safely in the streets.

What you did not have you did not miss, and yet people in general seemed to be able to live contented lives and always appeared to find humour and pleasure in everyday events.

There seemed to be more opportunities for employment as everything was very labour intensive and although the work may have been hard it was there for everyone prepared to take it. There was always something going on to interest those that of a lively mind.

You may wish to look at some of the magnificent abbeys, cathedrals, castles etc. being built several centuries ago, you appreciate how high they stood and admire the wonderful ornate decorations which adorn them and watch to see how the workers managed without the benefit of modern technology and with only limited tools available.

It would be great to stand there invisibly and see how all this came about, then wonder at what happened to the craftsmen and where all these skills are now?

Just look at our own Mckechnie Institute built in 1888 which is not only attractive on the outside but even more so on the inside.

Large columns with wonderfully carved cornices at the top meet you as you go into this delightful building, where will you find that in modern architecture?

I must compliment all those responsible for the upkeep of the McKechnie Institute. Just stand there and visualise the workers and the craftmanship that went into this building. However, it is not only buildings that would attract a time traveller, as some of the many inventive ideas of the ordinary working man or woman would have been of great interest.

So just think about it and become a time traveller yourself, but naturally only in your imagination, you may see wondrous things if you just let your mind relax and drift away into past centuries.