‘Bedroom Tax’ is about principles

The so-called ‘Bedroom Tax’ has been controversial since it was introduced by the UK Government in April 2013 and the differences of opinion over it are threatening to boil over here in South Ayrshire Council.

Critics of the policy are venting their anger at the Labour Party’s stance on the ‘bedroom tax’ in South Ayrshire.

they are ‘perplexed’ that the Labour party in this area is involved in a ruling coalition with a party which introduced the policy in Westminster, and which the Labour Party in Westminster vehemently opposes the Conservatives on.

The No2BedroomTax group is now planning to protest at the meeting of South Ayrshire Council on 19 December to demand that Labour disbands its uneasy coalition with the Conservatives.

Allan Wyllie says that he is perplexed as to how a Labour group can join in a coalition with the Tories considering the austerity measures emanating from Westminster.

And it is hard to disagree with the No2BedroomTax campaigner when he asks what influence the Labour group have as part of this coalition.

An offer was put on the table after the last local authority elections by the SNP to form a coalition with Labour, which rejected it. It must be asked of Labour if they put the independence referendum before the people of South Ayrshire.

In better news, the council have agreed measures that will give better help to tenants affected by rent arrears. The changes to the discretionary housing payments policy will now permit awards for up to a year and residents in temporary accommodation and those who are subject to the 25% housing benefit payment under occupancy restriction will be treated as exceptional cases.