Ben brings Jackson back to life with live stage show

Ben Bowman performing as Michael Jackson.
Ben Bowman performing as Michael Jackson.

A die hard Michael Jackson fan is set to showcase his talents with a performance at the Ayr Gaiety on Friday 10th October.

Ben Bowman will be bringing ‘Jackson Live’ to the theatre next week and whilst there is nothing quite like Michael Jackson himself, Ben gives a glimpse into what it would have been like to see the star live in concert.

Ben performs with great accuracy and is a considered a top Michael Jackson tribute act.

He said: “I grew up with Michael Jackson’s music. We didn’t have money to buy CD’s every week but I listened to Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad which I especially became obsessed with.

“When I was seven I saw him live in concert and that was it for me.

“I was always singing his songs and one day in science class shortly after he released Rock My World, I sang it and a girl said I sounded like Michael Jackson so the performances at school assembly and the like began from there.”

Ben says that it is an incredible honour to channel Jackson on stage.

“This will be the second Jackson Live show and the reaction has blown my mind. Michael’s fans were obviously so hysterical about him and I don’t get that but to be able to give people a glimpse even for one evening is an incredible honour.”

Ben says that people coming to the show will see a reworked show.

“We played the Gaiety last year but in January this year we took a whole month out to rehearse and rework the show so this will be something that fans haven’t seen before.”