Bradley is cash trapped

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The quiz show The Chase is a great success in its five o’clock to six o’clock timeslot. However popular shows need a break now and again, and over the summer ITV has decided to rest The Chase for four weeks and replace it with two new quiz shows.

The first one – Cash Trapped - will complete its initial ten episode run this Friday.

This show is not only presented by Bradley Walsh - it was also devised by him. First reviews of this show were not universally favourable – but some of the initial reviews of The Chase were not that great either. And look at it now – it is a huge success.

Most popular shows need time to find an audience. Starting from Monday there is another new quiz show. This one is called Alphabetical and unlike some of the more recent quizzes its main selling point is that there will be plenty of questions being asked by host Jeff Stelling. He is a sports journalist and presenter as well as being a past host of Countdown. The main format is that three contestants have to compete against a returning champion in a series of four rounds which are based around the alphabet. Their aim is to build up ‘time.’ During the course of these rounds two of the contestants will be eliminated. The final round involves the champion and the surviving challenger trying to correctly answer questions from the entire alphabet in a set time. This time will be one hundred seconds plus the extra time that they have ‘won’ in the first four rounds. The winner of this round gains the jackpot. If there is not a winner then the money rolls over to the following day. It will be interesting to see if this more straightforward format is a success!

Ian K