Camera club competition winners

Judging the Girvan Camera Club’s recent Audio Visual Competition, Alastair Swan of Ayr Photographic Society commented favourably on the standard of the entries.

Alastair also reminded members of the importance of capturing the judge’s attention from the outset with a crisp, uncluttered title.

He also stressed the importance of ensuring every picture is of the quality one would employ for a print, the need for the music to inspire and complement the pictures, and the need for a structure – in other words - a beginning, a middle and an end.

The results of the competition were: 1st equal; Donald Love (both shows); 3rd equal Yvonne Morrison & Allan McKeown; 5th equal Bill Arnott & Yvonne Morrison.

In the club’s more recent competition “Boats in Carrick” sponsored by Girvan’s Rotary Club, Jim Crawford, on behalf of the Rotary provided feedback on each individual print and digital image.

The results were: Prints; 1st Rory McAdam, 2nd Donald Love, 3rd Bill Arnott, 4th Rory McAdam, 5th Bill Arnott

Digital Images; 1st Rory McAdam, 2nd Donald Love, 3rd Roddy Robertson, 4th Donald Love, 5th Bill Arnott

The Club’s Annual Photographic Exhibition, which incorporates prints from the Pearl River Photographic Club in Lafayette, Indiana, USA can be viewed in The McKechnie Institute until 21 December. Entry is free.