Carrick Cinema club to screen hit French film Amelie

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Carrick cinema lovers will be treated to a French film on Good Friday (April 18th) at the Carrick Centre in Maybole.

That’s because from 7.30pm onwards, the quirky, funny film Amelie will be shown allowing anyone who wishes to brush up on their French the chance to do so- with English subtitles to help them.

Amelie depicts an innocent, naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice who decides to help those around her.

One day she finds a small box containing a child’s mementos and decides to set about finding its rightful owner. Observing the transforming effect re-uniting the box with its owner has, she uses her special sense of mischievous magic to make others happier.

She befriends an old painter neighbour who’s a shut-in, plays pranks on another, steals a garden gnome and secretly encourages its proprietor- her father- to fulfill his lifelong dream of travel by posting back pictures of the gnome at famous tourist destinations around the world. She romantically daydreams in the Montmartre café she works at, marvels at life’s ironies and along the way, discovers love.

A charming, amusing film it stars Audrey Tautou who featured prominently alongside Tom Hanks in the film the Da Vinci Code.

Members of the Carrick Cinema Club are admitted free, while visitors’ tickets are just £5 each for this Certificate 15 whimsical, romantic comedy. Luxury Lime Tree Larder ice cream from Ayrshire will be served along with coffee and chocolates before the show.

Advance tickets can be bought at the Carrick Centre. Any queries telephone CCC Secretary Liza Donaldson: 01655-889624.