Carrick fist-time homebuyers urged to share stories

Home buyers in Carrick who are struggling to raise a mortgage deposit are being urged to share their stories.

The MaxTen Campaign, which wants deposits limited to just ten per cent for first time buyers, is looking for personal case studies in the Carrick area.

The case studies will be used in a MaxTen Campaign document to be handed in to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street in June.

The MaxTen Campaign is being sponsored by, the UK’s largest online estate agent.

Managing director Russell Quirk says: “We are sure there are many people in Carrick who are struggling to save for a mortgage deposit. We would be very interested in hearing their stories. We launched the MaxTen campaign in March when the average mortgage deposit across Britain hit £25000 or 20 per cent of average house prices.

“This is scandalous. Anyone on a normal income in Carrick would take years to save a deposit of that size. At eMoov we strongly believe that this belt and braces attitude by lenders is holding back the housing market and economic recovery. We urge anyone in Carrick who has been struggling to raise a deposit to contact us because we would like to hear their story. Rest assured, all information we receive at eMoov will be treated confidentially and no case study will be used in our campaign without permission.”

To share your story with the MaxTen Campaign visit