Carrick Gazette comment - Dog dirt a problem on Girvan streets

The fact that patrols around Carrick have not had to hand out any enforcement notices regarding dog fouling is extremely encouraging news.

However dog fouling remains a major problem particularly in the Girvan area.

A walk around many areas of the town will see a great deal of dog dirt on pavements and public parks.

It is heartening to see the council, along with police and environmental health officers, devote resources to this particular problem, but this is one of the most persistent anti-social problems in the town, and one of the most visible.

In Girvan the problem is especially bad throughout the town.

It is a minority of irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to foul these areas regularly without cleaning up after them.

It is these people who are the problem and frankly, a one-week campaign to encourage people to clean up after their pets may not be a long-term solution.

Perhaps a more lengthy campaign with tougher penalties would be more effective.

A pooper-scooper, which allows the dog mess to be picked up easily and hygienically, is quite cheap to buy, as are bags to put the mess in.

There are also many refuse bins in and around Girvan in which to dispose of dog mess, including dedicated bins for dog mess - although there could be a few more, especially in the areas mentioned.

It is well known that dog dirt carries a great amount of disease and bacteria and pupils could easily get it on their shoes and clothes.

Is it not about time that the public, and public bodies, made it plain that this behaviour is just not acceptable?