Carrick Gazette letters

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swimming pool

Delays aplenty

Well here we go again. On 11 November 2011 Councillor Oattes unexpectedly visited my home “to explain some things” about the proposed new Girvan Swimming Pool. I kindly informed him at the time he only had to explain when it would be built, his reply, “ in 18 months”. Now I am the first to admit I was never any good at maths so I got my calculator out. I make that May 2013. I took a trip down to Girvan yesterday just to make sure.Nothing there, just a car park. Here we go again. Can club member Oattes (or any other member of the club) tell the good people of Girvan and District, when will this swimming pool be built?

Bill Stirling,


Thank you

Great turnout

We would like to thank everyone who attended and exhibited at our free

exhibitions of sensory equipment for people with sight and hearing loss

across Ayrshire last week. These were hugely successful with over 200

people attending.

Today’s technology allows for a wide range of equipment that can enhance

personal independence. These aids can make a world of difference to

people’s quality of life.

For anyone who wasn’t able to come along to our exhibition, the Ayrshire

Local Integrated Sensory Service can provide information and advice to

people with sight and/ or hearing loss in community venues throughout

Ayrshire, with drop-in support sessions, free hearing aid maintenance

clinics, peer support groups and themed events.

For more information contact 01563 526 011,

or for hearing loss services telephone 01563 539 900.

Joanne Reilly, 
Donna McSwiggan,

Ayrshire Local Integrated Sensory Service.

festival of light

Light fantastic

What a turnout as the skies opened, roads north and south flooded, there was only one question and that was would the Festival of Light take place.

With artists and volunteers working behind the scenes putting the last minute touches to lanterns for the parade, materials transported to the shore front, the fire works crew setting up there could only be one answer.. the show must go on.

The spiders spun, ducks floated, chair o planes twirled and a host of lanterns accompanied by the chatter of determined children and their parents brought the 2013 Carnivals and Carousels Lantern Procession to life. flowing through the town transforming the night for a short spell before the winds and rain returned with a vengeance.

The 2013 Lantern project was the biggest and most successful to date with over 600 lanterns made in workshops the length and breadth of Carrick and CRAG would like to thank the 2013 arts team Katerina Louvarri, Jane McInally, Ameena Nuur, David Powell, Sarah Wakeford Alex Melville and the many community volunteers without whom the event would not have been possible. CRAG would also like to thank Gab Audio and Trisha Newmarsh for working in very difficult conditions on the day and Alec Clark, Alec Oates and John Mcdowall for their valuable support.

The 2013 project was supported by South Ayrshire Council, Girvan Regeneration, SAC Cultural Coordinators. Hadyard Hill , Carrick Futures, and William Grant and Sons..