Carrick Gazette Letters


Girvan deserves better

I’m local and on my way home from work tonight I thought I would drive around Girvan to see the houses with their Christmas lights.

There is so many people that have made an effort to make their houses garden festive and then I drove up Dalrymple Street.

What a disappointment and disgrace the Xmas decorations are. Half of the hanging ones across the street don’t work. What must people travelling through the town think? These so called councillors or do-gooders for the town want to be ashamed.

Is there no-one speaking up to do something about this? At least the halloween/festival of light was a success, pity about the weather that night.

And the street party looks good but later on that night some of the lights on Dalrymple Street were out. At least the people who decided to decorate their homes and gardens have made an effort. Come on councillors get your fingers out and make Girvan more attractive in the future.

Disappointed Local


Well done Dailly

In reply to C Brown’s letter concerning Girvan’s poor Christmas lights, I would like to put the record straight regarding the lights in Dailly. I am a member of a very small committee which works hard to provide the Christmas lights in the village. We have to fundraise in order to buy, install and upkeep the festive features. Each year we try to add to the show of lights. This year we have put four new features on the lampposts in Linfern Road. Due to deliberate damage over the past two years we had to make the hard decision not to have free-standing features at one end of the village and a Christmas tree beside the cooperative. The tree was always donated by Bargany Estate and we were very grateful for that. Because of one or two mindless vandals all the villagers are missing out.

Although C Brown’s comments about our lights are much appreciated, I feel I must let him/her know that South Ayrshire have nothing to do with the lights in Dailly.

Karen Traynor,


The Xmas lights in Dailly are up and are looking great! This is due to the work of The Dailly Xmas Light Project Team who work through out the year raising the necessary funds to allow the village to have Xmas lights. If this group didn’t give their time to raise the funds and do the necessary work required there would be no Xmas Dailly lights. They should be proud of themselves. Whilst it’s not always easy and may sometimes seem like a thankless task, the Dailly Xmas Lights Project Team have done well.

Louise Wood,

Main Street, Dailly


Ways to give

As we relax with our families to enjoy the festive season, it’s easy sometimes to forget what Christmas is supposed to be all about – thinking of others. I’d like to ask your readers to spare a thought for those who are unable to take such simple pleasures for granted.

There are millions of people in the UK struggling to cope with disability; they may be disabled themselves and confined to a wheelchair, or caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

There are so many ways you can help, from something as simple as making a donation or volunteering.

Colin Brook, Vitalise