Carrick Gazette letters


No to Trident

It was extremely disappointing to hear the Labour Party Shadow Defence Minister Vernon Croaker MP indicate on the February 5th Daily Politics programme that the Labour Party are committed to replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system.

This contribution by Mr Croaker will go down like a lead balloon in Scotland where a number of opinion polls have clearly shown that the majority of Scots are opposed to Trident replacement.

It is also the case that parliamentary votes in recent years show that a clear majority of members of the Scottish Parliament as well as significant numbers of Scottish MPs are opposed to Trident replacement.

Scottish CND research shows that one of the main reasons for Scottish based opposition to Trident replacement is cost.

Scottish CND research based on analysis of official estimates indicates that an eye watering 100 billion pounds would be required for Trident replacement and on going running costs up until 2060.

The bad news for Mr Croaker is that there is now overwhelming evidence that people in Scotland would rather spend money on decent things like housing, jobs and community rather than use precious financial resources on a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Arthur West,Chair of Scottish CND



Appeal for bras

Hi ladies! I have a bit of an odd request so let me explain! Alicia Flewitt and I helped to set up a women’s group in Malawi, Africa. The group supports women in domestic difficulty and brings them together to learn and teach new skills to each other in order to help them better their community. When I was over there last I gave out some of my bras when I was leaving and the women were delighted. They carry their babies on their backs for the whole day as well as feed them and do in some cases extreme manual labour. The bras helped with their support and helped with back pain (which I’m sure we can all relate to!). I was wondering if anyone would be willing to donate their old/too big/ too small bras to the Malawian women who will get them directly- they will NOT be sold to make money but worn to make a difference to them. I know it’s small but you will make a massive difference with your space over shoulder bolder holders!! Any donations should be dropped off to 48 Ailsa Street East in Girvan to be passed on.

Lena Elliot


fuel poverty

Turn to us

The recent forecasts of colder temperatures and snow warnings across the UK will no doubt bring increased concern to the thousands of people struggling with the costs of heating their homes.

As part of our fuel poverty campaign, we’ve been hearing stories from people up and down the country who are struggling to cope with their energy bills. This is having a huge impact on their lives and they are desperately looking for help and support. For example a father who is having to choose between heating his home and feeding his children, and a lady with disabilities who is forced to stay in bed all day to keep warm.

These stories echo our recent research which found that over two-thirds (68%) of people on low incomes have experienced stress trying to cover these costs, and over two-fifths (43%) have been forced to cut back on food or skip meals. Over a fifth (22%) have suffered ill health as a result of cold housing.

With the cost of living steadily increasing, people feel like they have no option but to borrow money and cut back on essentials to cover costs. With stagnant wages and rising energy costs, the gap between the cost of people’s bills and what they can afford to pay is growing.

Therefore, this winter we are encouraging anyone in need to see if they can access support to help them close this gap. We have created six steps, using our free tools and information, at to help people maximise their income and manage their energy costs.

Our Freephone helpline is also available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm on 0808 802 2000.

We urge anyone who is struggling to see what help they might be able to get – it could make all the difference.

Alison Taylor

Director of Turn2us

200 Shepherds Bush Road



Sitcom show

This year’s production by the Girvan Musical Society is the critically acclaimed Acorn Antiques The Musical. The theatre production is based on the sitcom of the same name and is the brainchild of Victoria Wood.

The plot revolves around the shopkeepers and people of Manchesterford and the possible demise of the main street (very topical). Miss Wood’s intent was to produce a parody of musicals to provide a ‘lovely, happy night at the theatre’. The show opened in the West End in 2005 and was nominated as Best New Musical.

The show runs from Tuesday March 11 through Saturday March 15 at Girvan Academy Theatre doors open at 7:00 pm. Tickets, priced at £8.00, are available at The Sweetie Shop and from members of the Society.

Bob Mitchell