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I am always interested in letters about the new pool development, reference Ewan McQueen, August 6th. He says the council are rightly criticised for the closure of the old pool. Too right Mr McQueen, they treated the people of Girvan with arrogance and contempt, they closed the pool without any consultation with the people of Girvan, without thought of replacement, they contemptuously dismissed a plan by the community to refurbish the old pool, they then patronized us by telling us that they knew what was best for Girvan. These people are still in the council, let them forget and they will do it all over again.

You say they deserve credit for pledging £4m, No they don’t. The council do not have any money of their own, the money they are pledging is ours, it is called rates and taxes, it is paid by the people of Girvan, just like Maybole, Troon, Prestwick, Ayr, all of whom have a swimming pool, the money is ours by right, it is not a gift from the council.

Mr McQueen says lets be positive, agreed.

The new pool is estimated to cost £5m, we all ready have £4m, let the council put up the extra £1m and we will pay it back when we have saved it. We could start the construction right away.

We have three councillors who could help with this, councillor McDowall voted in favour of retaining the old pool, and was in favour of the community refurbishment of the old pool, he is now deputy leader of the council, must be plenty of influence there, although being the “Nick Clegg” to the leader of the council, dubbed incompetent by Audit Scotland, doesn’t fill you with confidence, still I am sure he would trust the people of Girvan to pay back the money.

Councillor Clark had the biggest independent vote in Scotland at the last council elections, must be influence there and he would absolutely trust the people of Girvan to pay the money back, he seem less popular of late with the council taking away his “chair”, use what ever influence you have councillor, before the desk and the parking space go.

Councillor Oattes must have influence somewhere, he was in favour of closing the pool, was against the refurbishment plans, and famously said, “if there is no new pool by the time of the next elections I will not stand for re-election.”

He stood at the elections and to my absolute amazement was re-elected, so he must have something.

We should perhaps give him a few days, it seems he is very busy helping to staunch the flow of blood from the dear leader’s “jeely nose”, when that big boy Darling “gubbed” him with a pound when he wasn’t looking and ran away.

So councillors we know you trust the people of Girvan, and with all your combined influence you could convince the council to give us the extra money, you know we are good for it.

After all we trust the council when they say they will provide £4m, everyone in Girvan believes them, don’t we?

Henry McEvoy,

Ballybroke Street,


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