Carrick Gazette letters

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Help raise funds for Scotland’s animals

The Scottish SPCA is appealing to kind hearted people in Ayrshire to help raise funds for abused, abandoned and injured animals by volunteering.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity is urging locals to get involved this Scottish Animal Week, which runs from 1-7 September, by shaking a collection tin in their area.

Last year our centre

cared for 262 animals and 2014 is proving to be even more challenging.

As an animal welfare charity, we receive no government or lottery funding and rely on the generosity of the public to continue our vital work.

During Scottish Animal Week we have opportunities to fundraise throughout Ayrshire and we’d be very grateful if locals can get behind our appeal and help.

Door-to-door fundraising can be carried out between Monday and Friday, while people can hold street collections on the Saturday.

Even if someone can only spare an hour or two to shake a collection tin, their time and efforts would be hugely appreciated.

It’s something we always say because it’s true, every pound and penny raised really does make a difference and gives animals in desperate need of our help a second chance in life.

Anyone who would like to help fundraise for the Scottish SPCA can contact the fundraising team on 03000 999 999 or email

Marion Hainey,

manager of the charity’s Ayrshire and South West Scotland Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Ayr


A reply to an auld acquaintance

At the risk of starting another war of words, I am replying to my “Auld Acquaintance” Mr Henry McEvoy.

I take on board everything he said in his letter

to the Gazette last week and would like to extend an invitation to him to meet with, or even join the Board of South Carrick Community Leisure, where he will be made very welcome.

The Board is meeting tonight (20th) at 6.30pm in the Carrick Buildings, Henrietta Street and normally meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each Month at the same venue. He is also welcome to contact the Chair of SCCL Andrew Sinclair any time for further information.

If Mr McEvoy cares to offer his knowledge and experience to the Board of SCCL this would be very helpful and he would be more fully informed of the plans to take forward this Project for the Community of Girvan and South Carrick.

I would also like to add that the Board of SCCL would welcome anyone who feels they could offer their time or talents to the Board of SCCL in order to move ahead with this vitally important facility for Girvan and South Carrick.

Councillor Alec Oattes,

Girvan and South Carrick Ward,

South Ayrshire Council.

nHS services


People in this country are rightly proud of the NHS, and many are angry at the creeping privatisation now being introduced. The service will be further threatened if a trade deal currently being negotiated with the US goes ahead.

The EU-US trade deal aims to open both health care and education up to competition by American companies. Under the deal, a future UK government could also find itself being sued for billions of pounds if it attempts to reverse NHS privatisation measures. The government of Slovakia has already been sued for reversing the privatisation of its own health system. Public health and education are essential for a fair society, and we must not let the government sign away our rights to these services. There is a growing campaign against the deal, organised by a variety of groups including the World Development Movement, and I hope readers will join me in supporting it.

Sue King-Smith


NHS services

Provide proper services

Some 20 years ago I called for the resination of the local Health Board Chairman because of suggestions then that the Health Services at Stranraer Hospital might be downgraded.

I was accused of being outspoken and a loudmouth because I dared say that the Board in Dumfries cared little for Stranraer and were only interested in transferring people from the Stranraer area to bolster numbers in their own end of the fiefdom.

Look where we are now!! Nothing short of a disgrace!!

People will die if proper servicse are not maintained. So Politicians of all colours where are you now? Stand up for once in your miserable lives and be counted - be men not mice.

And Yes campaigners, Health is already delegated to the Scottish Government what say you? If this is happening before the referendum what will follow after it?

So lets all use our collective voices and make them heard - write, telephone, text, e mail, PM but let those in Authoirty know the strenght of our feelings.

Provide proper health services at our hospitals.

James Heron

via email