Carrick Gazette letters this week

Bennane Cave

No access?

I read with great interest the article by The Wayfarer on the 26th November regarding Bennane Cave and Snib Scott. The following Sunday I decided I would go and look for myself at the memorial stone erected in memory of Snib. However, I was really disappointed when I discovered the road into that part is closed off with a padlocked gate and bits of fencing and I was unable to get in. I know that used to be part of the A77 and have the Roads Authority closed it off or have the house owners who live near by closed it off to prevent sightseers like me annoying them? After all it is a part of local history in which I am interested. What should I do?

“Gee Mac”


new powers

Broken vow

As I expected, the promises promised by Westminster were all hot air. The taxes Westminster are holding on to far exceed what is being offered to Scotland and of course they are holding onto the north sea oil revenues because without them they would be in danger of becoming a third world country like Spain, Greece and Italy. There would no longer be a “Great Britain”- the “Great” would have disappeared - I think it already has. Before the Referendum we were told that if we voted to become independent the prices in the shops would shoot up. Just in case the “NO” voters haven’t noticed they already have. A bottle of Lucozade jumped from £1 to £1.69, a tub of sea food jumped from £1.00 to £1.34. How can old age pensioners like me budget for my weekly shopping with price rises like these? Greed Wins all the time.

Gibby Wilson

SNP branch, Girvan

Show some goodwill

Following on from the letters regarding the referendum that have filled this page for three weeks I feel compelled to step in and have my say. Can I firstly reassure everyone that I respect the decision of the Scottish electorate who decided that we are best served under the UK at this point in time. I disagree with the majorities decision whole heartedly but I believe the democratic process was adhered to and the result is fair.

What I can’t understand for the life of me is the No voters insistence that Yes voters have not moved on? I have most certainly moved on as have the other Yes voters I meet in the community, the problem is we haven’t moved on a manner which pleases some No voters. It is ridiculous to suggest that another referendum in future years is in some way an affront to democracy. In fact the polls suggest that already an overwhelming majority of Scots would welcome another referendum in the future.

My next move along with many other Yes voters in the community is to work with the Yes movement to convince the majority of voters next time that independence is in our best interest. Next time will only be when the majority of Scottish voters decide that another referendum is desirable. This seems fair to me, we will all have our say on if and when another referendum takes place.

I think we need to get away from slurs and animosity amongst our community and agree to respect others opinions. I could have have taken this opportunity to bad mouth those who disagree with my politics or miscall me but we are all needing to step back and review our behaviour rather than alienating people without thought. There are too many derogatory generalisations being made about Yes voters and No Voters and it disappoints me to see people I know engage in these bullish tactics. As we enter the festive season, let’s see if we can all practice a little more good will to our fellow men.

Karen McCartney


Worry for the future

I would like to reply to Mr. Martin, who never really addresses or answers any of the questions I ask of him. However I am pleased to note the new tone of moderation breaking out in Owen Martin’s last reply to the Gazette, perhaps it might be something to do with the time of year. No mention by him, or repeat of Alex Salmond being a “Snake Oil Salesman” this is the previous First Minister of the Scottish Government who managed to see off four Labour Party Leaders in his 7 year term of office and was recently proclaimed “Politician of The Year” by the Spectator Magazine.

I am pleased Mr. Martin has enjoyed the cut and thrust of the debate, because that is what democracy and freedom of speech are all about. I am happy to quote the Labour MSP Graeme Pearson who said in his recent newsletter “Encouraging people to have their say, to use their voice and to use their votes, can only make Scotland a better place.”

Also in the words of Alex Salmond “The real guardians of progress are not the politicians at Westminster or even Holyrood, but the energised activism of tens of thousands of people who have refused meekly to go back into the political shadows.” Just for the record, I would be happy to shake Mr Martin’s hand any time.

With regard to the letter from Ms. Martin there may well be another Referendum on Scottish Independence in two or three years time, but again it will be the voters of Scotland who decide that at a Holyrood election, if it is part of a manifesto commitment put forward by the Scottish National Party, there may also be a Referendum on UK membership of the European Union, which could drag Scotland out of Europe possibly against the will of the Scottish people. In finishing off, can I wish the readers of the Carrick Gazette a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but a word of caution whether it is a Conservative or Labour Government in power, or whatever coalition might emerge after the Westminster Election on the 7th of May next year, the United Kingdom is in debt to the tune of £1.4 Trillion (It is hard to imagine that amount of debt) and George Osborne the Chancellor, is currently borrowing £79 Billion a year, on the International Markets just to pay the Interest on that National debt. This does not augur well for Public Services over the next few years and the only way to mitigate this, will be by electing a strong team of SNP MP’s to ensure commitments, promises and the “Vow” made during the Referendum Campaign are delivered.

Councillor Alec Oattes